The herbs are the most precious plants, that Nature has created. People know them since ancient times. A big variety of herbs are used for medical treatment. All plants which contain pharmacologically active substances and have influence on the living organisms are called herbs. There are more than 3 600 plants in Bulgaria among which 650 are used as herbs. They contain a high percentage of a biologically active substances like: alkaloids, polysaccharides, tannins, etheric oils, vitamins, trace elements and others. A lot of medicines are produced on the base of herbs as well as herb tea, ointments, extracts, lotions, infusions. Growing and harvesting of herbs is a very professional and complicated activity, which requires knowledge about the features of the herbs, application, way of harvesting, drying and storing.

LEAVES: Paeonia (Peony), dandelion, cow-parsnip, primrose, nettle, elecampane (white and black), penny whistle, burdock, hollyhock, garden strawberry, wild strawberry, lingoberry, blueberry, birch, ivy, hawthorn, garden tea, plantain, blackberry, lime, vine, raspberry, common balm, mint, colt’s foot, walnut, mallow, sumac


RINDS: white birch, oak, willow, walnut, hazel-bush


FRUIT: beans pods, black currant, wild chestnut, juniper, rose hip, blackthorn, elder

SEEDS, STALKS and BLOSSOMS like: marjoram, mistletoe, lavender, milfoil, savory, horse-tail, camomile, violets, dandelion and others.